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$GENESIS-$QUICK Liquidity Pool

This guide describes how to add liquidity to the $GENESIS-$QUICK liquidity pool on Quickswap. Liquidity Providers add token liquidity and are paid with transaction fees in return.


1. Metamask Installed

2. GENESIS balance in Metamask

3. QUICK or other supported token balance in Metamask

Step 1 - Token checkup

If you don't already have the tokens necessary to add to a specific liquidity pair you can trade for them using on the Polygon network. In this example, we'll be adding liquidity to the GENESIS/QUICK pair. You can check your balances in both Metamask and on the Polygon web wallet as seen below.

Step 2 - Adding Liquidity

If this is your first time adding to a liquidity pool, we recommend you read a brief overview of how they function. This article from Cryptopedia is a great starting point for those new to this space. When ready, browse to the GENESIS/QUICK pair here. Click Add Liquidity near the top right-hand side of the page.

You will be brought to the following page. When depositing to a liquidity pool you must deposit equally valued amounts (at the time of deposit) of the two tokens you are depositing. If you'd like to deposit all possible tokens you hold into the pair, this can easily be done by clicking the MAX button on whichever token you hold less USD value in. In this example, the sum of GENESIS is valued slightly lower than the sum of QUICK, so the MAX button has been selected on GENESIS. You can deposit any amount of QUICK and GENESIS you choose, so long as the values match at the time of deposit. Click Approve GENESIS.

You will be prompted by Metamask to approve Quickswap to spend your GENESIS. Click Confirm.

Once Approved, repeat the same process with QUICK. Click Approve QUICK.

Metamask will prompt you to approve Quickswap to spend your QUICK. Click Confirm.

Now that both tokens are approved for spending, click Supply.

You will be presented with another informational window before finalizing the deposit via Metamask. Click Confirm Supply.

Metamask will prompt you again to complete the deposit to the liquidity pool. Click Confirm.

When the transaction completes your liquidity position will be visible on the Add Liquidity page.

You can view and manage your liquidity position by browsing to the Pool page on Quickswap here. Click View accrued fees and analytics to view specifics on your position, including the historical value and fee accrual.

The graph will chart the value of your position as time progresses along with other useful information on the page.

If at any time you wish to exit your liquidity position, browse back to the Pool page here. To remove liquidity, click Remove.

From the following page you can remove any amount of liquidity desired. Set the amount you wish to remove using the percentage slider. This will remove an equal USD value of both token types you have in the pool. Click Approve. Confirm the transaction in Metamask. Then click Remove and Confirm the transaction in Metamask. Once the transaction completes, an equal share of both tokens will return to your Metamask wallet.

If you wish to earn extra rewards for providing liquidity, check out our guide here.

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