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This is a repository of frequently asked questions. If you see something missing let us know!


How do I contact someone on the team?

Our general email address is Messages sent to that address are triaged and assigned to the appropriate team member.

How do I get support?

You can find many self-help resources at Our official support channel is via email to For general questions, the Discord community can be helpful. For issues related to 3rd party tools such as MetaMask or QuickSwap, please go through the vendor’s support channels.


Where is your white paper?

You can find the latest version of the white paper in our self-help docs at This is a living document and subject to change as we move forward in phases of the roadmap

What’s the project roadmap and how far along are you?

You can find the roadmap in the white paper in our self-help docs at In January 2022, we are working on tasks in phases 0 and 1.

When will the game be available?

We anticipate the game will be in full production within 12-18 months.

Who is the team behind Genesis Worlds?

Learn more about the GAME Credits team at

What kind of partnership opportunities are available?

We look forward to partnering with organizations, companies, and individuals in a variety of ways. If you have a partnership opportunity you’d like us to consider, please email with a brief summary.

What we can offer partners:

- Co-marketing/branding

- Consulting, industry expertise

- Design, development, promotion of custom bonded NFTs

- $GAME Credits token rewards programs

- Co-development of metaverse worlds, land and games

What we value from partners:

- Investment

- Advising

- Co-marketing

- Collaborative design and development

- Access to new audiences and communities

- Affordable access to technologies for design, development and operations

- Programs and products valued by members of our community


What is the $GENESIS token?

The $GENESIS ERC-20 token is the fundamental building block of the Genesis Worlds Metaverse. Of the 1 billion expected total supply of GENESIS, 50 million, or 5%, will be set aside for the initial GENESIS farming pool. Another 50 million will be set aside to drive decentralized exchange liquidity, reward early community members. The remainder will be released over time to Mining Claim holders and Governance stakers.

How do I get $GENESIS?

Earn $GENESIS through staking $GAME and Farming at - Earn $GENESIS by buying and holding Mining Claims at - Earn $GENESIS by providing liquidity on QuickSwap

How do I get started farming $GENESIS?

Check out the instructions in our guide at or get started at

How is the Farming APR calculated?

The APR displayed on the website is calculated by taking the value of $GENESIS emitted over the next day, divided by the value of $GAME locked, multiplied by 365 (days in a year).

Can I take my $GAME out of Farming without withdrawing my $GENESIS?

No. When you withdraw your staked $GAME, you will also withdraw any $GENESIS earned.


What is the $GAME token?

$GAME is the original gaming cryptocurrency, launched in 2014 by GAME Credits. It is used for the GAME Credits NFT marketplace and rewards portal, to purchase Genesis Worlds Mining Claims and for staking to earn $GENESIS.

How do I get $GAME?

$GAME is listed on multiple exchanges. You can find more info at


What are Mining Claim NFTs?

Mining Claims are the founding bonded NFTs that allow you to participate in individual world governance, while mining $GENESIS tokens. The longer you hold your Mining Claims, and the more Mining Claims you own, the more $GENESIS you mine. Mining Claim holders are entitled to 1 land parcel per mining claim held. (Parcels will be distributed during land sales in 2022.)

When do Mining Claim NFTs go on sale?

Mining Claim sales for the first three Worlds (Nexus, Treasure Planet, Neo Tokyo) launched at 8AM PST on January 18, 2022. Mining Claims for additional Worlds will be released regularly every 1-4 weeks.

How much do they cost?

Mining Claim prices are determined by the bonding curve set forth in the whitepaper. In the interest of improving the purchasing experience, the sale on February 17th, 2022 will include a new fair launch pricing model. This means initial pricing at the moment of launch is set to 1500 GAME, reducing at a rate of 1 GAME every second until enough purchases are made (480 claims sold) so the normal bonding curve pricing model takes over, increasing the price incrementally as each Mining Claim NFT is sold. For a complete breakdown on this change including past sales numbers, please visit the Mining Claim Sale Analysis and Future Sales Testing blog. As you can see below, the curve is very gentle, to allow a good number of Claims to be purchased. For example, when:

- 500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 508 $GAME

- 1000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 873 $GAME

- 1500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 1391 $GAME

- 2000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 2139 $GAME

- 2500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 3195 $GAME

- 3000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 4633 $GAME

How many can I buy?

There is no limit to the number of claims you can purchase. The system allows you to purchase up to 100 Mining Claims for an individual World per transaction, and will show you the total price for the number you are purchasing. You can complete multiple transactions.

Can I transfer or gift Mining Claims after I purchase them?

Yes, you can transfer between wallets and the ETH address holding the Mining Claim will receive the $GENESIS emissions.

When do $GENESIS emissions start for Mining Claims?

$GENESIS emissions for Mining Claims began on 1/25/2022.

What assets are part of the NFTs and what can I do with them?

Mining Claims include downloadable 3d model, video and .gif files that are licensed Creative Commons (CC0), so you can revise, remix and redistribute as desired.

How is the APR calculated?

This calculation takes into consideration the emissions for a single claim over the next 12 months at the current $GENESIS value, divided by the current price of a single Mining Claim for that World. Once sales begin, APR will vary by World.

How many Mining Claims will there be for each World?

There isn’t a set number of claims per world. The number of claims sold will largely be driven by market demand and the price driven by the bonding curve. We don’t expect many worlds to have more than 3,000 mining claims total. Learn more about the tokenomics at

Are Mining Claims the only way to get land?

No. Mining Claims offer holders one parcel of land per claim, but the Worlds will have more land than reserved by mining claims. The Mining Claim holders for each world will help determine the distribution of land for individual Mining Claim holders, any land reserved for shared community use, as well as the amount available during the public sale.

Can I sell them on OpenSea?

This type of token doesn’t always play nice on OpenSea, but, more importantly, we don’t expect there to be a strong market for resale. You can always get instant liquidity selling back to the contract on our website, and the number of claims are not limited, so people will continue to buy directly from our site.

What does it mean to ‘sell them back to the contract’ and why would I want to do that?

You can complete a ‘Sell’ transaction at while connected to your Wallet in order to sell Mining Claims back to the contract and retrieve your $GAME, based on a percentage of the current ‘Buy’ price. When you do this, the Mining Claim will be burned and you will no longer receive $GENESIS emissions. ($GENESIS received up to that point will remain in your wallet.) You might consider doing this if the current price is significantly higher than what you paid originally, or if you are no longer interested in a particular World and want to free up some $GAME to use to purchase Mining Claims from another World.

I transferred my Mining Claim to another ETH address, but I can no longer see it on OpenSea. Did I lose it?

OpenSea has a feature that hides transferred NFTs. It does this to prevent spam from airdrops, but it's really heavy-handed, so it will hide any NFT that you transfer outside of OpenSea. To find it, go to the "hidden" tab on your profile.

How does ‘Buy with $MATIC’ work when purchasing claims?

The buy with $MATIC function is one atomic transaction - it swaps $MATIC for $GAME as part of the purchase, not as a separate transaction. It doesn’t take any longer to process - it’s all one smart contract call. The only factor on the race is (a) how quickly you submit your transaction, and (b) how much gas you decide to spend. It’s still best to swap $MATIC to $GAME first, as it guarantees you the best exchange rate. (Just remember to keep some $MATIC for gas costs)

How do I collect the $GENESIS I have mined with my Claims?

1. Click User Menu icon. 2. Click My Account. 3. Click 'Collect' under My Mining Claims. Process the transaction and the amount will be deposited in wallet. This process withdraws all the mined $GENESIS from the Claims.


What’s the technology stack for the Genesis Worlds Metaverse?

There are many pieces. Web apps are written using Moralis, ethers.js, React, Typescript, and more. The game client will be written in Unreal Engine 5.

Why did you select Polygon?

We evaluated the scaling solutions (Polygon, Skale, BSC, others) that existed at the time we built our NFT minting and rewards portal. Polygon had the best shot at becoming a winner from an ecosystem perspective, with their low cost transactions, fast block times and good enough security/decentralization.

What’s the creative aesthetic?

We’re aiming for a high-quality indie game look and feel; heavily textured, vibrant environments. You’ll get some ideas from the mining claim images. We’re not targeting photorealistic AAA graphics like modern console games - we need to be flexible with our development, not locked into a really tight rendering pipeline. But at the same time, it’s not boring cubes or potato graphics like the current crop of blockchain games.

What metaverse components are being developed by the GAME Credits team, vs. community?

“Developed by the GAME Credits team,” isn’t quite the right way to look at this. There’s a lot of core components for the game - client, server stack, creator tools, etc.. These will be developed by either the GAME team or by teams funded directly by the GAME team. When it comes to content, new features, etc., that’s where we’ll see community-funded projects taking on a significant amount of the work.

What other pieces are being developed and by whom?

The web3/decentralized tech community is huge. We get to stand on the shoulders of a lot of other great teams - teams like Polygon, Moralis, Quickswap, and many others. Those teams’ focus on their specific areas allows us to focus on building Genesis Worlds, and not a bunch of boring back-end tech.

Will there be interoperability between this and other metaverses or games?

Yes. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements there.

What size are the worlds?

For the most part, worlds will be between 500m and 2km in diameter. Not all of this will be purchasable land; there’s a significant amount of open space.

What size are the land parcels?

Parcels can range from 10m x 10m to 100m x 100m or more - different-sized parcels would be valuable for different uses.

How do I get land?

The best way is by buying mining claims using $GAME. Each claim will be able to convert into a land when the land sale starts. Or, you can wait for the land sale, and buy Land using $GENESIS.

What will gameplay be like?

We really couldn’t predict - our community is going to make gameplay that we haven’t even dreamed of. Discussions are starting in the Discord channels for each world.

Will there be monsters?

There absolutely will be creatures, enemies, monsters, NPCs, and all that goes along with them. We have some really cool plans here; maybe you do too?

Will there be activities and events other than games?

We’re sure there will be - every gaming community has created some kind of activities and events.

Do you have to pay to play?

We expect that Genesis Worlds will be free-to-play - it’s by far the best way to grow a game. But, that’s one of many governance decisions that the community will make.

Will you be releasing any other NFTs or anything before the metaverse is available?

Yes - there’s a lot of pieces to this puzzle, so stay tuned and you’ll have the first look at all of them.

Will I be able to use my NFTs in this metaverse?

Yes. Community members will be coming up with all kinds of creative uses for NFTs.

Will I be able to buy and sell things in Genesis Worlds?

Yes. We expect a thriving economy in the game, with players constantly creating, buying, and selling.

Will I be able to conduct transactions in the metaverse using currencies other than $GENESIS?

You already can. Our mining claim sale uses MATIC in addition to GAME; we’ll add more currencies as they make sense, and community projects may use currencies that make sense. Also, we don’t expect that USD will be going anywhere any time soon, so we expect to see free-to-play players making in-game purchases using USD, as well as crypto.

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