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Liquidity Mining: Adding LP Tokens to the Quickswap Dual Rewards Pool

This guide describes the process of adding LP tokens to the dual rewards liquidity mining pool on Quickswap to earn additional GENESIS and dQUICK tokens.


  1. Metamask Installed

  2. Liquidity added to the GENESIS/QUICK pair per this guide

Step 1 - Token Checkup

You can view your existing liquidity position on the Pool page of Quickswap as seen in the image below. This position represents 0.22% of the entire pool, giving us 204.8 LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens.

Step 2 - Adding LP Tokens to Rewards Pool

Browse to the Dual Mining page on Quickswap. This can be found under Farms in the top banner of the website.

You will see the GENESIS-QUICK rewards pool in the list. Click Deposit.

The Liquidity Mining interface will open. Click Deposit LP Tokens.

The Deposit screen will appear. If you wish to deposit all of your LP tokens to the rewards pool, click MAX.

Before depositing you must approve the spending of your LP Tokens in Metamask. Click Approve.

Click Confirm.

When the transaction completes the deposit button will become available. Click Deposit.

Approve the deposit in Metamask. Click Confirm.

Once the transaction completes, you will see your position and total deposits visible on the page. You will also see your accrued dual mining rewards. Click Claim Rewards at any time to claim any earned GENESIS or dQUICK. Click Withdraw if you wish to remove your LP Tokens from the dual rewards pool.

Note that when you do Withdraw, this will simultaneously withdraw your LP tokens and pull any accrued rewards into your account. Click Withdraw & Claim and then Confirm the transaction in Metamask to remove your LP tokens.

You can check your liquidity position and rewards at any time by returning to this page. Pools in which you have LP Tokens staked will always show at the top of the list on the dual farms page.

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