Selling Mining Claims


2. Matic balance on Polygon in Metamask to cover gas fees for selling Mining Claim(s)


The pricing model when buying Mining Claims is described in the whitepaper. When selling a Genesis Worlds Mining Claim back to the smart contract, users will receive 90% of the current asking price for that world (along and according to the bonding curve) in $GAME. This would mean a user who purchased a Mining Claim for 500 $GAME and chose to resell that Mining Claim when curve price equals 3000 Mining Claims (price of 4633 $GAME per world) would end up with approximately 4,169 $GAME in return for a total positive gain of 3,669 $GAME.

Step 1 - Connect to the site

Open Metamask and switch the network selector to Polygon Mainnet from Ethereum Mainnet. Then browse to You will be met with the GENESIS Mining Claim sale page. Click CONNECT WEB 3 at the top right to connect your metamask wallet to the site.
Select Metamask.
Confirm the connection by clicking Next, then Connect in Metamask.

Step 2 - Sell Mining Claim(s)

Once connected, you'll see your $GAME & $GENESIS balance on the Polygon network indicated in the top right hand portion of the site. Click on the respective Mining Claim you would like to sell. In this example we'll be selling a Nexus claim owned by our tutorial wallet.
Reminder: Selling a Mining Claim will end $GENESIS emissions to your wallet from that respective claim and also exclude that Mining Claim from being redeemed for a land plot during future land sales for that world.
From this page you will see the details of the Mining Claim, current price, and all downloadable assets associated with the claim. You can also see the current Sell Price on this page. Genesis Worlds Mining Claims are truly liquid NFTs and price is determined by the bonding curve mechanism described in the whitepaper. When you're ready to sell, click SELL CLAIM.
You will be presented with a pop-out window that shows the current sell price per claim. At this time you are limited to selling 1 Mining Claim per transaction. When ready, click SELL CLAIM in the pop-out window.
Confirm the transaction in the Metamask prompt.
The Mining Claim page will provide a confirmation message when the transaction has completed successfully.
After the claim has been sold, you'll see your balance of $GAME updated and accurately reflected in the top right-hand portion of the website as seen below. The ability to click SELL CLAIM will also be removed if you have no other Mining Claims for that particular world to sell.
Token Balance Indicator