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Moving GAME to Polygon

This guide is designed for users who already have GAME on the Ethereum network.


1. Metamask Installed
2. GAME balance in Metamask
3. Ethereum balance in Metamask to cover Ethereum gas fees during bridge operation

Step 1 - Token checkup

Ensure your tokens are ready per the requirements. Ethereum is present in the wallet to cover Ethereum network gas fees during the bridge operation to the Polygon Network.

Step 2 - Connecting to the Polygon network

You'll need to add the Polygon network RPC settings to your Metamask account. The easiest way to do this is to browse to the Polygon based exchange in your web browser. On the top right side of the screen, you'll see the following. Click Switch to Matic.
You'll be prompted by Metamask to add the Polygon/Matic RPC settings. Click Approve.
Next, click Switch network.
A prompt to connect to Quickswap with your Metamask wallet will appear. If you plan to trade on Quickswap in the future, continue through the prompts. Click Next.
Finally, click Connect to finish the process.

Step 3 - Bridging your tokens to the Polygon network

Browse to This is the Polygon web wallet which will interact with your Metamask account and allow you to bridge tokens to and from the Polygon network. You will be greeted with the following screen. Click Polygon Wallet to get started.
Next, click Metamask.
Click Next again.
Click Connect.
Finally, click Sign to complete the connection.
You will be brought to the web wallet interface after signing the message. On the left hand side of the page, click Bridge.
From the bridge interface, click the dropdown showing Ether and search for GAME Credits.
Click on your GAME Credits balance to select it.
Select the amount of GAME you want to bridge to the Polygon network. In this example, we're bridging all 30,000 GAME. Click Transfer.
An informational dialogue will appear. Click Continue.
Next you will come to the Transfer Overview screen. If it's your first time bridging GAME to the Polygon network, you will need to pay two Ethereum gas fees. The first allows the Polygon web wallet to spend your GAME in the bridge operation, and the second is the actual deposit of GAME to the Polygon network. Important: gas fee estimates displayed here are not entirely accurate. Continuing through the prompts will display a more accurate fee and allow you to customize the preferred fee. Do not set your fee lower than the Metamask recommend Low setting. Click Continue.
Before proceeding, open Metamask and click the network selector dropdown at the top center of the screen. Switch from Polygon Mainnet to Ethereum Mainnet.
Confirm the transfer by clicking Continue again.
Metamask will prompt you to proceed with the transaction. Click Confirm to initiate the transaction.
Once the transaction is confirmed, you will be met with the following screen. Click Continue to begin the actual token bridging operation.
You will be prompted by Metamask to confirm the transaction. Click Confirm.
Once the transaction completes on the Ethereum network, you'll see the following status on the screen. There is an additional 7-8 minute waiting period before the funds will arrive on the Polygon network.
Clicking Assets on Polygon will return you to the wallet. From here, you'll see your bridged GAME balance on the Polygon network. You'll also notice a balance of 0.1 MATIC in your wallet. You will be credited this amount after a successful bridge operation. The MATIC provided functions as gas on the Polygon network, the same way the Ethereum we used in this tutorial functioned as transactional gas on the Ethereum network. Transactions on Polygon often cost $0.01 in MATIC or less. You're officially ready to farm GENESIS.
Now you've got your GAME on Polygon, you're ready to farm GENESIS or buy Mining Claims.