Buying Mining Claims


1. Metamask Installed
2. GAME balance on Polygon in Metamask
3. Matic balance on Polygon in Metamask to cover gas fees for buying Mining Claim(s)
Note: If your GAME is still on Ethereum, read Moving GAME to Polygon first.

Pricing Model

Mining Claim prices are determined by the bonding curve set forth in the whitepaper. You can see examples of the price curve below:
– 500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 508 $GAME
– 1000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 873 $GAME
– 1500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 1391 $GAME
– 2000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 2139 $GAME
– 2500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 3195 $GAME
– 3000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 4633 $GAME
Additional Information
– There is a limit of 1 claim per transaction for the first 500 claims sold.
– Limit of 3 claims per transaction during sale of claims 501-1000 for each world.
– To avoid confusion when API limits delay pricing updates to the Mining Claims pages, pricing will move to the ‘Buy’ window. When you click ‘Buy,’ you’ll see the accurate current pricing before submitting your transaction.

Step 1 - Connect to the site

Open Metamask and switch the network selector to Polygon Mainnet from Ethereum Mainnet. Then browse to You will be met with the GENESIS Mining Claim sale page. Click CONNECT WEB 3 at the top right to connect your metamask wallet to the site.
Select Metamask.
Confirm the connection by clicking Next, then Connect in Metamask.

Step 2 - Buy Mining Claim(s)

Once connected, you'll see your GAME balance on the Polygon network indicated in the top right hand portion of the site. Click on the Mining Claim you would like to purchase. In this example we'll be purchasing a Nexus claim.
Reminder: If you have GAME in the GENESIS farm you will need to first withdraw it before purchasing a Mining Claim. Only GAME held in your wallet can be used for purchases.
From this page you will see the details of the Mining Claim, current price, and all downloadable assets associated with the claim. Genesis Worlds Mining Claims are truly liquid NFTs and price is determined by the bonding curve mechanism described in the whitepaper. When you're ready to purchase, click BUY CLAIM.
You will be presented with a pop-out window that shows the current price per claim and a drop-down menu allowing you to specify the quantity you'd like to purchase. When ready, click BUY WITH GAME.
Metamask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Click Confirm.
Once the transaction has completed you'll receive a notification from Metamask as well as a success message on the Genesis Worlds website.
To view your claims, click the "head" Account icon near the top right-hand side of the page.
This page will show all of your currently held claims, your GENESIS farming balance, and the total GENESIS rewards you've earned from your claims so far. GENESIS emissions from Mining Claims are constant and begin accumulating the moment of purchase. You can withdraw your earned GENESIS from the farm and from your Mining Claims multiple times per day. The only limited is the amount of MATIC in your wallet to cover transaction fees. The smart contract for Mining Claims can be located here: 0x88c44b49638eC0fB24C850A5ef07fAD65cCA0D07​