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Governance Staking with $GENESIS

This guide describes how to stake your $GENESIS in the Genesis Governance Pool. By staking, you earn more $GENESIS while taking part in Genesis Worlds governance.


1. Metamask Installed

2. $GENESIS balance on Polygon in Metamask

3. $Matic balance on Polygon in Metamask to cover gas fees for staking

Step 1 - Connect to the site

Open Metamask and switch the network selector to Polygon Mainnet from Ethereum Mainnet. Then browse to You will be met with the Governance Staking interface. Click CONNECT WEB 3 to connect your metamask wallet to the site.

Select Metamask.

Confirm the connection by clicking Next, then Connect in Metamask.

Step 2 - Stake $GENESIS in the Governance Portal

Once connected, you'll see your GENESIS balance on the Polygon network as below. This is also indicated in the top right hand portion of the site. Click STAKE to start staking.

Select how much GENESIS you would like to add to the staking pool, then click STAKE.

You will be prompted by Metamask to confirm the deposit to the GENESIS Staking smart contract. Click Confirm to complete the transaction.

The GENESIS Staking interface will notify you when the transaction has successfully completed. You can close the window at this time.

You are now staking $GENESIS, earning more $GENESIS as you do, and are able to participate in Genesis Worlds governance. Congratulations! 🎉 You can click WITHDRAW at any time to withdraw your GENESIS and GENESIS earned from staking in the pool.

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